• PWIT Workshop Series Powered by Sky

    With the support of Sky Technology Centre - Portugal, we are launching the first PWIT Workshop Series. In the upcoming months, we are organising 7 workshops and roundtables on technical and non-technical topics open to women and men of the Portuguese Tech Ecosystem. This will be an amazing opportunity to learn from experienced speakers and get ahead in your career.


    The workshops are taking place at the Sky's office in Lisbon and are free.


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  • Upcoming Events

    Diversity & Inclusion Roundtable

    June 15 - Sky's Office


    Join Portuguese Women in Tech for a roundtable on Diversity & Inclusion where we'll discuss the barriers and challenges women in tech face as well as solutions to ensure a diverse and vibrant tech sector.


    Key takeaways:

    • Learn from the personal experiences of Women in Tech;
    • Understand the impact of unconscious bias;
    • Learn tips & tricks on how to build more diverse and inclusive organisations.

    Who is this best for?
    Anyone interested in joining the conversation about gender equality in tech.


    About the speakers:


    Renee Hunt

    Renee, currently a Director in Sky Technology, she is a leader with multiple years of experience in a variety of line management and professional services roles. She has employed proven and repeatable approaches for high risk and complex delivery including: Agile, Lean and PRINCE2. She is accountable for Sky’s Group Digital Content estate, building bespoke digital capabilities for Sky’s locations across Europe to provide products enjoyed by users all over the world. In addition to her solid technical foundation, Renee is also highly effective communicator, who excels at Board and CXO stakeholder presentation and expectation management.
    Renee is an excellent motivator, coach and mentor who has a strong track record of building and leading high performance teams.


    Mariana Moura Santos
    Founder of Chicas Poderosas, a non-profit organisation that aims to bring more women into technology, started in Latin America, back in 2013 while she was an ICFJ fellow. Today she runs it full time with her team and a board of directors, experts in the different areas of journalism, entrepreneurship, business, innovation and design thinking.


    Ana Margarida Trigo
    Industrial electronics and computers engineer, Ana Trigo soon realised the low number of women pursuing tech careers. In 2010 joined Women in Engineering affinity group of IEEE, the biggest association of technology worldwide with more than 400.000 members. She started researching gender issues as a hobby and as a result published 3 papers so far. She is part of Equal-IST European Project that aims to study gender in academic environments. As PhD student in Advanced Engineering Systems for Industry program she is researching on autonomous vehicles in the automotive industry.


    Inês Santos Silva

    Inês Santos Silva is the Managing Partner at Aliados - The Challenges Consulting, an innovation consulting firm focused on solving and executing solutions for the core economic challenges, from the future of work, to tech & impact entrepreneurship to sustainability and circular economy.

    On the side, Inês is also a Co-founder and Chief Activist at Portuguese Women in Tech, a community focus on attracting more women to tech and on supporting those that are already working in technology.


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  • Past Events

    Frontend Development Workshop

    March 9 - Sky's Office


    How to deliver significant change without breaking changes? How to refactor while still delivering? How to create and not complicate? How to convince business to tackle technical debt? In sum, how to justify, implement and sustain change and innovation?

    This talk will, through a real case-study analysis, draw upon the teachings of Change and Innovation Management and apply those concepts and frameworks to the blooming and creative reality of Software Development.


    This is not a technical talk but will pose a few poignant questions I've had to find out ways to answer throughout my technical career. Hopefully by shedding some light on those subjects, they'll be easier to tackle once anyone has to face them.


    Who is this best for?

    Tech students, professionals and anyone interested to learn more about JavaScript.


    What is in the agenda?

    10 am: Check-in & Welcome to Sky Technology Centre - Portugal

    10.20 am: "How to build your own greenfield?​"

    11.20 am: Break-fast & Re-Charge

    11.45am: Tour around Sky's office

    12.30pm: See you soon!


    About the instructor

    Hello! I'm Mário: A geek since 1985, a developer since 2007, a Software Engineer at Sky, an Open Source student, a Frontend teacher, an MTG player, a language nerd and an human being who likes to learn, think, help and create.

    Design Thinking Workshop

    April 13 - Sky's Office


    Learn how you can start applying the designer's mindset to any project, meeting and to your life, tomorrow.
    This workshop will be a hands-on, actionable, and fun introduction to Design Thinking. More than going through the process, step-by-step using a mock project, the participants will learn about the underlying mindset they need to embrace to be good design thinkers. Concepts like human-centricity, ideation, making ideas tangible, iteration, among others will be introduced through short exercises, both individually and in groups.


    Key takeaways:

    • Understand the Design Thinking mindset;

    • Apply the mindset to any project, meeting or

      life event;

    • Use a selection of Design Thinking methods;

    • Understand the Design Thinking process at a basic level;

    • Go home in a great mood, after a fun morning :)

    Who is this best for?

    Anyone curious to learn about Design Thinking.


    About the instructor

    Sara Ramos is passionate about learning and about bringing out the best in people. These passions combined with her restlessness with the status quo, have led her to question what are the alternatives to the way we learn, work, live, and relate to others.


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    Backend Development Workshop

    May 25 - Sky's Office


    What is in the agenda?


    10 am: Check-in & Welcome to Sky Technology Centre - Portugal
    10.20 am: Talk Thamara Hessel - Object Calisthenics
    10.40 am: Break-fast & Re-Charge
    11.10 am: Talk Marlene Marques - A tale on legacy code inheritance and evolution
    11.45am: Tour around Sky's office
    12pm: See you soon!


    About the instructors


    Marlene Marques started at Sky in 2015 as a backend developer. Since then she worked in a set of different teams with roles that range from Developer to Scrum Master and now Solution Architect. She was the first person in the migration of a project of 40 people from London to Lisbon and will talk about the experience and challenges of migrating the development of projects with more than 20 years to a new team and bring the development processes to the 21st century.


    Thamara Hessel has 10 years experience as a backend engineer and is currently part of the PT OLX team.


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