• A celebration of the Women of the Portuguese Tech Scene!

    And we are back again, for the 4th edition of the Portuguese Women in Tech Awards.


    The 2021 edition will be a special edition, starting earlier (May) and building momentum online ‘till the launch of the results, on July 14th.


    The Awards are a moment of celebration for our community and the work done in the past few years. It is, at its core, an initiative by the community and for the community.


    Check our social media profiles (Facebook, LinkedIn and Youtube) on Saturday, July 17th. We'll be interviewing the winners live (all day)!


    Check the Rules and Terms and Conditions that apply.


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  • The Winners of the PWIT Awards 2021

  • Software Developer

    Supported by Volkswagen Digital Solutions

    Ana Silvério

    Team Leader @ Deloitte

  • Systems and Network Engineer

    Supported by CISCO PORTUGAL

    Cristina Dias

    Senior Tech Consultant @ Deloitte

  • Founder / Co-Founder

    Supported by OLX Group

    Joana Pinto

    Co-founder & CEO @ Clynx

  • Data & Analytics Expert

    Supported by Bosch Portugal

    Mariana Santos Silva

    Senior Manager @ Deloitte

  • Product Manager

    Supported by tb.lx

    Cândida Jesus

    Senior Consultant @ Deloitte Digital

  • Lead Designer

    Supported by Dashlane

    Ana Pinho

    UX Director @ Deloitte

  • HR & Talent Acquisition Pro

    Supported by Landing.Jobs

    Sara Rodrigues

    People Associate Director @ Deloitte

  • Marketing & Sales Expert

    Supported by Natixis

    Filipa Beleza

    Customer Experience (CX) Manager @ Deloitte

  • Community Leader

    Supported by Sky Technology Centre - Portugal

    Andreia Tulcidás

    Community Engagement Manager @ OutSystems

  • Impact in Technology

    Supported by Metyis

    Mónica Cerquido

    Optical Developer @ Bosch Portugal

  • Best Startup in Portugal started by a Woman

    Supported by Novabase


  • Digital Transformation Lead

    Supported by NOS

    Paula Mateus

    Head of Technology Finance Transformation @ Deloitte

  • Female Activist focus on sustainability and/or climate emergency

    Supported by GoWithFlow

    Carolina Cruz

    Entrepreneur @ C-MORE

  • Best Digital Inclusion Project started by a women

    Supported by .PT

    As raparigas do Código

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