• About the Program

    The PWIT Women's Mentorship Program #3 is a three-month program that focuses on the professional and personal development of female tech students and recent graduates.


    Our goal is to connect you with inspiring tech professionals who can provide crucial career advice and networking, teach you how to make your voice heard and introduce you to entrepreneurial skills that will benefit you as you enter the job market.


    The Mentorship Program matches mentors and mentees based on their mutual interests, goals, expertise, and general background. Over the course of five months, mentor and mentee will build a close relationship through online communication, networking events, webinars and our own online platform.


    We are looking for:

    • Female (tech, design and data science) students and recent graduates;
    • With a strong desire for professional and personal development;
    • Committed to the program for its entire duration (average of 2 hours per week).

    Register your interest for the 4th edition of the Mentorship Program.

    Leave your contact details here and we'll reach out to you as soon as we launch the applications for the program. For more information, feel free to reach out to us via email.

    Important Dates

    What you can expect

  • Mentors

    We've got a top notch group of mentors!

    Nádia Miranda

    IT Service Delivery Lead@Worten

    Ana Margarida Belo

    IT Service Manager @ BNP Paribas

    Anabela Ferreira

    Agile Coach @ Natixis in Portugal

    Catarina Peyroteo Salteiro

    Director, Global Communication & Brand @ DefinedCrowd

    Susana de Sousa

    Senior Manager of Support @ Loom

    Sofia Matos

    Head of People & Culture @ Infraspeak

    Manuela Doutel-Haghighi

    Global Customer Success Director @ Microsoft

    Marilia Felismino Simões

    CEO / Co-Founder & Data Science Specialist @ ML Analytics

    Cátia Bandeiras

    Global HEOR Manager @ Novartis

    Marisa Mercês

    Head of People & Culture @ Timeular

    Karina Danilyants

    Business Analyst / Coach / Trainer

    Armanda Antunes

    Training & Quality Manager @ Dashlane

    Shalini Choudhary

    Global Head of Customer Operations @ Dashlane

    Giovanna Faso

    VP of Engineering Operations @ Dashlane

    Ana Almeida Simoes

    Head of Business Practice @ Mercedes-Benz.io

    Barbara Epifanova

    Data Analyst @ Mercedes-Benz.io

    Viola Kiefer

    Product Owner @ Mercedes-Benz.io

    Inês Fonseca

    Product Owner @ Mercedes-Benz.io

    Inês Miranda

    Product Owner @ Mercedes-Benz.io

    Sónia Won

    Release Train Engineer @ Mercedes-Benz.io

    Anna Gagliano

    Senior Technology Consultant – Workplaces @ Adidas

    Raquel Flores

    Senior Technology Consultant – O2C @ Adidas

    Celine Kurpershoek

    UI Engineer @ Mollie

    Raquel Rosa

    Product Manager @ Mollie

    Paola Barrios

    Head of Strategy and Planning - Engineering @ Mollie

    Gabriela Oliveira

    Senior Partner Growth Manager @ Mollie

    Mihaela Gabriela Ciobotaru

    Engineering Manager @ Mollie

    Carolina Fernandes

    Senior Data Analyst @ BNP Paribas

    Ana Castro Sanches

    VP of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion @ Teleperformance

    Sarah Constant

    Head of Product @ StudentFinance

    Sílvia Coimbra

    Climate & Product @ Overstory

    Filipa Ferreira

    Senior Director of People Portugal & Global EX @ Talkdesk

    Patricia Almeida Catarino

    Vice President @ CGI

    Rita Burnay

    Director in Energy & Utilities, Renewables @ CGI

    Cláudia Vasconcelos Vieira

    IT Manager @ Continental

    Filipa Castro

    Data Scientist @ Continental

    Ana Teresa Almeida

    Area Lead - Technology Team @ Worten

    Marta Soeiro

    IT Practice Lead/Product Management Lead - Services & After Sales @ Worten 

    Marina Beneton

    CEO @ AcademiCV

    Sara Almeida

    External Advisor to McKinsey & Company

    Cecile H.

    Team Leader @ Bnp Paribas

    Vanessa Gomes

    Business Analyst @ CGI

    Andrea Rocha

    Business Analyst @ CGI

    Sónia Faustino

    Product Manager Digital Solutions @ Continental

    Dora Russo Angelino

    Business Analyst @ Bring

    Joana Pereira

    Process Intelligence Business Manager @ Bring Global

    Fatima Abreu

    Marketing & Communication Director @ Bring Global

    Ana Coelho

    COO @ Teleperformance Portugal

    Ângela C. Almeida

    Operations Director @ Teleperformance Portugal

    Cristina Cohi

    Senior HR Tech Recruiter @ New Work SE

    Roxana Tănăselea

    Android Engineer @ XING

    Thaís Duarte

    Senior Software Test Engineer @ New Work SE

    Maria Negrão

    Product Marketing Manager @ OLX Motors Europe

    Camila Lourenço

    Software Engineering Manager @ OLX Group

    Daniela Filipe Bento

    Senior Software Engineer @ OLX Group