• About the Program

    The PWIT Women's Mentorship Program is a five-month program that focuses on the professional and personal development of female tech students and recent graduates.


    Our goal is to connect you with inspiring tech professionals who can provide crucial career advice and networking, teach you how to make your voice heard and introduce you to entrepreneurial skills that will benefit you as you enter the job market.


    The Mentorship Program matches mentors and mentees based on their mutual interests, goals, expertise, and general background. Over the course of five months, mentor and mentee will build a close relationship through online communication, face-to-face meetings, webinars and two group events hosted by Portuguese Women in Tech.


    The PWIT Women's Mentorship Program will be kicking off in March and will be open to 47 mentees (Porto & Lisbon). Applications are now closed!


    We are looking for:

    • Female (tech, design and data science) students and recent graduates;
    • With a strong desire for professional and personal development;
    • Committed to the program for its entire duration.

    Next steps:

    • March 5th - Applications Open
    • March 20th - Applications Close
    • March 30th - Lisbon Kick-off event @ Online
    • March 31st- Porto Kick-off event @ Online
    • September - Program Wrap-up
  • Lisbon Mentors

    We've got a world class group of mentors

    Ana Vieira

    Project Delivery Manager @ Avanade

    Susana Rosa

    Senior Project Manager @ Worten Portugal

    Maria João Ribeiro

    Product Manager @ Worten Portugal

    Nádia Miranda

    IT Service Delivery Lead @ Worten Portugal

    Filipa dos Santos Rodrigues

    Data Scientist @ OutSystems

    Susana Cigano

    Manager of Support @ Loom

    Sílvia Rocha

    Head of No-Code Tools Engineering @ OutSystems

    Ana Casaca

    Director of Digital Transformation @ Worten Portugal

    Liliana Cardoso

    Head of People Xperience PT @ KI Group

    Catarina Peyroteo Salteiro

    Director of Global Communication & Brand @ DefinedCrowd Corp.

    Romana Ibrahim

    Co Founder & CEO @ Keep Warranty

    Marilia Felismino Simões

    Managing Director, Business Analytics and Data Science Consultant @ ML Analytics

    Ana Castro Sanches

    People Experience and Internal Communications Manager @ OutSystems

    Sarah Constant

    Head of Product @ Jungle

    Guillemette Dejean

    Co-founder @ Chatterbox

    Patrícia Carvalho

    People Partner @ Onfido

    Marta Palmeiro

    Co-Founder & CFO @ StudentFinance.com

    Ana Tavares

    Global Talent Acquisition Manager @ Pipedrive

    Carolina Amorim

    CEO & Co-Founder @ EMOTAI

    Leihla Pinho

    Founder @ Major

    Mafalda Sequeira

    Senior Product Designer @ OLX Group

    Manuela Doutel-Haghighi

    Civil Project & Program Excellence lead @ Leidos Innovations UK

    Sónia dos Reis

    Product Designer at Mercedes-Benz.io

    Cátia Rodrigues

    Frontend Developer at Mercedes-Benz.io

    Ana Martins

    Backend developer @ Mercedes-Benz.io

    Marta Sousa Monteiro

    Startup Business Development Manager for Portugal at Amazon Web Services

    Anabela Cesário

    Director, Product Management @ OutSystems

    Ana Gaspar

    Ambassador @ Volkswagen SDC:LX

    Manuela Almeida

    Director @ Avanade Portugal

    Adelaide Leitão

    Manager, Advanced Analytics & Data Science @ Accenture Applied Intelligence

  • Porto Mentors

    We've got a world class group of mentors

    Anabela Ferreira


    Senior Functional Support Sophis @ Natixis

    Tânia Barros

    Head of Customer Development @ LOQR

    Liliana Ferreira

    Executive Director @ Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS

    Ana Margarida Trigo

    PhD Candidate @ Advanced Engineering Systems for Industry - Bosch

    Sónia Gomes

    UX & Product Design Leadership @ Namecheap

    Sofia Matos

    Head of People & Culture @ Infraspeak

    Liliana Pinho

    Marketing & Communication @ Infraspeak

    Susana Teixeira

    Global Marketing Management @ JP Sá Couto

    Margarida Afonso

    Programme Manager Digital Transformation @ Next Gen / Celfocus (Grupo Novabase)

    Sandra Rodrigues

    Quality Owner @ OutSystems R&D

    Margarida Carvalho

    UX Strategist & Designer @ CRITICAL Software

    Claudia Paiva

    BU and Plant Quality Manager @ BOSCH Termotecnologia

    Mariana Gomes

    Product Designer @ dashdash

    Filomena Soares

    Researcher @ R&D Algoritmi Centre, University of Minho

    Joana Lacerda

    Head Of Business Development @ ThePowerHouse & FNDMT

    Ana Filipa Costa

    Manager @STI

    Inês Franco Alexandre

    CEO Movimento Transformers

    Joana Moreira

    Program's Director @ Social Business School

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