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    Marta Palmeiro

    Co-Founder & CFO @ StudentFinance.com

    Cristina Fonseca

    Tech Entrepreneur and Investor

    Carolina Amorim

    CEO & Co-Founder @ EMOTAI

    Ana Pinto

    CEO & Computer Vision at Reckon.ai

    Gustavo Pimenta

    Change Design and Innovation

    Ana Rosado

    Senior Partner at AskBlue

    Maria Costeira

    Entrepreneur and Investor

    Miguel Amador

    Healthcare Innovation

    Georgina Miranda

    CEO @She Ventures

    Rafael Pires

    IT Labs Manager @ Sonae MC - Bit

    Alexandre Mendes

    Ecosystem Builder, People Manager & Activist

    Rui Santos Couto

    VP of Growth at Infraspeak / Co-Founder of Founders Founders

    Sonia Gimeno

    CFO @ Tonic App

    Margarida Garcia

    Startup advisor and consultant

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