• Renata Meneses Faria

    Junior FullStack Developer

    Daniela Seixas

    Founder & CEO at Tonic App

    Ana Margarida Trigo

    PhD Candidate @ Advanced Engineering Systems for Industry

    Catarina Canto

    Back End Developer at Asseco PST

    Sandra Cristina Cunha Costa

    Engineering Lead for Sensor Development at Bosch Car Multimedia S.A.

    Carolina Amorim

    Co-Founder & CEO at EmotAI

    Sílvia Rocha

    Head of Customer Engagement Practices at OutSystems

    Raquel H Ribeiro

    Senior Data Scientist & University Professor

    Margarida Ruela

    Product Manager at Feedzai

    Sílvia Coimbra

    Senior Product Manager at Farfetch

    Catarina Runa Miranda

    Analytics & Insight Service Specialist at Square Enix

    Elvia Vasconcelos

    Design Research at Pepita Platano

    Sandra Cristina Salgado Fernandes

    Head of Delivery Partners at OutSystems

    Alexandra Silva

    Business Intelligence & Analytics Consultant at Celfinet

    Cláudia Freitas

    Executive Director at TecPorto

    Adelaide Leitão

    Advanced Analytics Manager | Accenture Digital

    Rute C. Sofia

    CEO Senception Lda

    Cátia Costa

    Head of Marketing at eSolidar

    Isabel Portugal

    Data Scientist | Machine Learning Specialist

    Aurora Baptista


    Ana Silva

    Open Innovation at SONAE

    Ana Santiago

    Head of Communications at Startup Lisboa

    Maria Almeida

    Head Of Content at Unbabel

    Ana Sofia Pinho

    Freelancer + RGSoC Organizer & Geekettes Ambassador

    Catarina Campos

    Co-Founder at Girls Lean In

    Maria Miguel Ferreira

    Head of Open Innovation at CEiiA

    Ariana Brás

    Project Manager at NOS SGPS

    Carina Branco

    Founder Techlawyers

    Sofia Reis

    Ecosystems Explorer at LemonWorks

    Catarina Brito

    Analyst & Business Intelligence Programmer at Inapa Portugal

    Ana Neves

    Partner of Knowman

    Marta Santos

    Data Scientist at Feedzai

    Catarina Folque

    QA Analyst Deliveroo

    Filipa Neto

    Principal Innovation Specialist at Farfetch

    Joana Carvalho

    Senior Performance Engineer at eShopWorld

    Mariana Moura Santos

    Founder and CEO at Chicas Poderosas

    Teresa Fernandes

    AICEP Director San Francisco

    Ana Pimentel

    Startup & Innovation Editor at Observador

    Ana Sampaio

    Software Engineer at Ovo Energy

    Maria Costeira

    Co-Founder & CEO NeuropsyAi

    Mariana Barbosa

    Startups, Entrepreneurs & Innovation Editor at ECO

    Joana Araújo

    SQA Team Lead at Adtalem Global Education

    Cristina Fonseca

    Tech Entrepreneur and Investor

    Marta Barata

    Head of Operations at LeSalon

    Helena Miranda

    Data Mining Specialist

    Maria Ferreira da Silva

    Co Founder at WeChangers

    Inês Martins

    Front end and iOS developer at Adapttech

    Inês Salavisa Teixeira

    Data Scientist at Feedzai

    Karina Costa

    President at LynQ

    Mariana Salvaterra

    Senior Delivery Manager at Blip.pt

    Rita Pires

    Business Development Director at WIT-Software

    Rosário Costa

    Product Owner at Seegno

    Sara Miguéns

    Internal Communications and Event's at EDP's IT Department

    Sofia de Lacerda

    Creative Director & Designer

    Marta Sousa Monteiro

    Startup Business Development Manager for Portugal and Italy at
    Amazon Web Service

    Teresa Freire de Noronha

    Business Analysis Manager at PASSIO

    Daniela Monteiro

    Head of Entrepreneurship at Porto Digital

    Louise Lindblad

    Co-founder & COO at Valispace

    Filipa Peleja

    Sr. Data Scientist at Vodafone Portugal & Invited Professor at NOVA IMS

    Natália Reis

    Partner & COO at bwd Digital Transformation

    Elisa Tarzia

    MICE Supervisor @ Pacific World

    Cláudia Mendes Silva

    IT Project Manager at Shared Services - Siemens Portugal

    Verónica Romão

    Research Associate at INESC-MN

    Violeta Malheiro Swart

    Alliances Manager at Unbabel

    Maria Pereira Franco

    Group Head at Wipro

    Ana Rita Almeida

    UX & UI Designer at WIT Software