• About the Program

    The PWIT Women's Mentorship Program #4 is a comprehensive, four-month program designed to support and empower female tech students and recent graduates in their professional and personal development.


    The program is aimed at connecting participants with experienced and accomplished tech professionals who can offer valuable career advice, networking opportunities, and guidance on how to communicate and assert themselves in the tech industry effectively.


    The program's focus on mentorship is key, as participants will be matched with mentors with similar interests, goals, and backgrounds. This will allow for a close and personalized relationship to develop over the course of the program.


    Throughout the program, mentees will have the opportunity to gain the skills needed to succeed in the job market. The program is designed to empower and inspire female tech students and recent graduates and to provide them with the tools they need to succeed in the competitive tech industry.


    We are looking for the following:

    • Female (tech, design, and data science) students and recent graduates;
    • With a strong desire for professional and personal development;
    • Committed to the program for its entire duration (average of 2 hours per week).


    • Launch PWIT Mentorship & Applications - Feb 13
    • Applications taking place - Feb 13 to 27
    • Announcement of selected mentees - Mar 3
    • Program Kick-off with an in-person event in Porto - Mar 9
    • Program Kick-off with an in-person event in Lisbon - Mar 10
    • Program wrap-up with an in-person event in Lisbon - Jun 26
    • Program wrap-up with an in-person event in Porto - Jun 27
  • Mentors

    Learn from the best: Meet our outstanding mentors

    Nádia Miranda

    Corporate Delivery Lead @ Worten

    Sara Almeida

    Founder & CEO at Com.passo Consulting

    Filipa Castro

    Data Scientist @ Continental

    Anabela Ferreira

    Agile Coach @ Natixis 

    Marisa Mercês

    Senior People Specialist @ Coverflex 

    Marília Simões

    CEO / Co-Founder & Data Science Specialist @ ML Analytics

    Susana Sousa

    Head of Support @ OpenPhone

    Manuela DH

    Global Customer Success Account Director @ Microsoft 

    Sofia Matos

    People & Culture Director @ Infraspeak

    Sandra Mendes

    Area Coordinator - Applications Support @ Worten Portugal

    Monique G. A.

    Senior Designer @ Worten Portugal

    Andreia Bastos

    Engineering Manager @ Dashlane

    Anne-Sophie Cuzacq Lebreton

    VP, Customer Advocacy @ Dashlane

    Isabel Schwarz

    Growth Product Manager @ Dashlane

    Joana Fernandes

    Agile Project Manager @ Dashlane

    Tamara Glasbergen

    Senior Software Engineer @ Reaktor

    Andrea Silvana Giménez

    Developer @ Reaktor

    Sjoukje IJlstra

    Software Engineer @ Reaktor

    Patricia Ghiraldelli

    Software Developer @ Reaktor

    Anna Sidletska

    Service & Process Designer @ DEUS

    Inês Catana

    Frontend Developer @ DEUS

    Claudia Vieira

    IT Manager @ Continental

    Sónia Faustino

    Product Manager Digital Solutions @ Continental

    Margarida Silva

    Head of Delivery Management @ Celfocus

    Liliana Silva

    Quality Assurance Manager @ Celfocus

    Margarida Afonso

    Senior Program & Delivery Manager @ Celfocus

    Lúcia Mendes

    QA Engineer @ Beyond

    Vera Bernardo

    QA Engineer @ Beyond

    Isabel Horta

    Head of Customer & Analytics @ Sonae FS

    Paula Sequeira

    Director, Software Development Engineering @ Workday

    Tânia Calçada

    Product Innovation Area Manager @ MC

    Cátia Teixeira

    Technical Advisor @ Microsoft

    Ana Silva

    Senior Project Manager @ MC

    Ana Patricia Vinhas

    Head of Product @ Tymit

    Sofia Perdigão

    Senior Engineering Manager @ PagerDuty

    Daniela Zamberlan

    Senior Software Engineer @ PagerDuty

    Cristina Feijó Relvas

    Senior Product Designer @ PagerDuty

    Sara Raimundo

    BI Data Engineer @ PagerDuty

    Laura Freire

    Sr. Growth Marketing Manager @ PagerDuty

    Urvi D. 

    HR Business Partner @ PagerDuty

    Suzan M.

    People Ops Leader @ PagerDuty

    Sandra Costa

    Senior Manager for SW Development @ Bosch XC-CT

    Annamaria Vilner

    IT engineer @ Bosch Portugal

    Joana Santos

    Product Owner @ Bosch Portugal

    Beatriz Pereira

    Engineering Project Manager @ Bosch Portugal

    Gloria Araujo-Woermann

    Human resources Manager @ Bosch Car 

    Cristina Freixo

    Solutions Architect & Pre Sales Director

    Sílvia Sendim

    Outsystems Tech Lead @ AdvanceWorks

    Mariana Trigo

    Engineering Manager & Founder @ tekya.io